The work that has kept us busy

Forgive us, Internet. It’s been a full year since our last post. You know. Work.

Time really flies in the digital space, and we’ve been pretty busy. Here’s what we have been up to.

Doing some growing

  • We’ve assembled a team of young guns who have our clients’ backs, no matter what. Their combined skills set and amazing work ethic enable us to call ourselves your brand, content and design support team, and really mean it.
  • Here they are in their work space hand selfies. (Is that a thing yet?)

[Total_Soft_Portfolio id=”1″]

Getting some ducks in a row

  • We set up some systems that help us keep a tighter grip on the potential chaos. This is all in aid of handling increasing volumes of work while keeping the promises we make to clients.
  • By the way, if you’re not using these awesome tools yet, check them out:

Learning some new tricks

    • Three words: Social video, baby. So much fun to do and it can be so impactful when it’s used right.

Having some fun

  • We did some really nice campaigns.


yehbaby klink campaign Klink Wine Tourism Awards work social media

Klink Wine Tourism Awards social media campaign

yehbaby KKNK Van Loveren print campaign work

KKNK Van Loveren print campaign

  • We made some gorgeous pictures.


yehbaby Four Cousins living it singles campaign for Soweto Wine Festival work

Four Cousins Singles activation

Beeld newspaper ad by YehBaby Digital Creatives work for Tracks4Africa

Tracks4Africa Beeld newspaper ad



AND, finally…

We made ourselves a website that matches our own awesomeness.

Coming soon: an office expansion. Watch this space.