YB’s trends predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we must look at the future trends, even while we fight the last 2016 deadlines.

Of course, the world of online marketing is rather unpredictable and 2017 is sure to hold many wonderful surprises. Looking back on what worked in 2016 tick, there are clear indications of what can become even more influential in 2017.

Trust, authenticity, uniqueness

Marketing trends are underpinned by human, social trends, as marketers are always trying to meet the people in their target markets ‘where they live’. As the digital world expands exponentially, even while globalization makes our daily lives ever more international, the concept of trust will become even more pertinent. We buy from, sell to and chat with people who will probably never look in the eye or shake hands with. We judge their trustworthiness based on the authenticity of their online behavior.

 Since the start of the social media revolution it has gotten ever harder and more important for a brand to stand out and be unique. In 2016 it was the brands with original ideas that got the attention. We can only expect that in 2017 the brands who give their consumers experiences worth recording and sharing will still be rewarded. Brands who enrich the lives of their fans will be enriched in return.

Trends to watch

 What are the trends to watch in marketing channels and tactics?

  • Submersive branding, which means that the experience of the brand must pull through into every aspect of your plan and activation. In 2017 the relationship between physical and online experience will narrow even more.
  • Beacon marketing, letting retailers guide shoppers towards specials in-store. Retailers would have to look at ways of including an online experience in their stores which brings in-store marketing into the digital space. Time to get creative!
  • Content personalization and focus on a specific audience is where we’re heading. Stand out by being unique in approach and relevant to a specific target group.
  • Ephemeral content was introduced by Snapchat and Instagram stories. It has been tricky to figure out how to make it work for brands, and to justify investment in content that only lives for a few hours. 2017 will bring a lot of development in this department. In a world filled with information and a longing for something new and exciting it definitely has a niche.

Content marketing and influencer marketing are set to continue the growth phase into 2017. As always it will be essential to keep content aligned with your marketing goals and measure effectiveness. Brands are wising up when it comes to the importance of quality and context for effective influencer marketing.

 Yes, we’ll be seeing even more video. We can only dream of all the cool tools for making and editing video we’ll see this year.

As digital marketing matures, brands realize they don’t have to jump on every new thing like an over excited dog. Keep focus and do what is right for you.

 As always, ideas will always be king, queen and the entire royal family for online brand marketing. Without a strong concept of brand ‘self’ and the ability to evoke emotion and enthusiasm around the brand, there is no channel or tactic (or app) can pick up the slack.