Launch a brand, not a product

So, you’ve recently launched a business, and you’ve got your business plan. Your product or service is ready for your customers, but now you have to market it. You know that having a brand is important, but how important is it really?  

Make no mistake, before people walk through your door, buy your product or use your service, they’re going to hop onto Google or Facebook and check you out. That means your brand needs to be front and centre, because a strong brand is the difference between loyal, returning customers and indifferent consumers. Enter the brand plan. 

But why should I have a brand plan? 

Because of the connected lives we live, it’s almost impossible to have a truly unique product or service, or one that stays relevant for five, ten or fifteen years down the line. But while a product can become stale or get lost in the multitudes, a brand remains. Your brand is your business personality.  

As a new business or even as a solopreneur, you are competing with established brands who have large marketing budgets and loyal returning customers. Having a brand that is interesting or different makes all the difference. But how do you make sure that your brand is consistent throughout your marketing strategy? 

A brand plan details your brand’s personality throughout its marketing channels – both online and offline. It details what feeling your website should evoke in visitors, what your social media channels will look like, what voice comes through in all copy (social media, websites, media releases, the works), and most importantly, what your brand’s values are.  

Remember, your brand isn’t built in a day. Having a great product and an interesting brand is crucial to business success.

Where do I start?

Who’s your customer – Identify the people who are going to buy your service or product. What is their buying strategy and how is your product going to help them improve their lives? Knowing who you’re talking to will help you understand what to say.  

Quality over quantity – Quality still matters and it’s not negotiable. Customers won’t choose solely based on price, but on value for money as well.  

Be consistent – When you are just breaking into the industry it will be hard for customers to believe in your brand, which is why your brand strategy has to be consistent. For example, what you say on your website must match your social media pages.  

Don’t be a copycat – Never try and copy what other brands are doing. Always remain true to your vision. Copying another brand or being fake can lead to confused or downright annoyed customers. 

Having a business plan is essential to running a business but having a brand plan is essential to reaching your customers. In a commodified world, having a brand plan is essential, because your brand is how customers understand and remember you. Before you start your marketing efforts, you need a professional, well thought out brand plan. Developing a brand plan can be challenging, but our expert knowledge and experience are perfectly positioned to help your business stand out. Get in touch with us.

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