You can do this. Re-look your marketing strategy during covid-19.

The impact that the outbreak of coronavirus has had on businesses across the globe has been deadly for some. While some owners have had to close shop, others continue to scramble around in search of ways to stay afloat amidst these uncertain economic times.

But now’s not the time to panic. Use this time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and help your business survive this pandemic. Not sure how? Here are some tips on what you can do.

Review your current strategy

Your business marketing strategy for 2020 has probably been planned and scheduled well in advance. But with the current crisis at hand, your strategy will most definitely require some pivoting.

Re-evaluate everything currently running in your pipeline and decide whether some strategies or campaigns should be paused. You don’t want to be pushing content that no one will take an interest in or that could be insensitive.

Also, when marketing, try to be positive in your messaging. When a brand has more positivity than negativity, and more positive associations than its competitors, people are likely to pay more attention to that brand.

Get creative

Creativity is the essence of all marketing strategies and your audience looks to you to create quality content.

The good news is that this is a great time to be creative with your marketing. Don’t be afraid to go all in, but don’t capitalize on the crisis. Keep people informed in a creative way, without adding panic. You can continue to create brand awareness, but be cautious of becoming being irrelevant and avoid bragging. Also refrain from using tactless brand or sales messaging because anything your brand says during this time should be done with empathy and humility.

Up your social media game

Now more than ever, being highly visible to your target audience is crucial. Take time to maximize your exposure everywhere and make sure you have a strong social media presence. Remember to always create content with your target audience’s needs in mind, while following your business style and brand. Look into creating “tag a friend” content and take advantage of user reactions on social media platforms. Initiate online conversations using video clips, photo layouts, clickable quotes, gifs, and livestreams.

Strengthen your online strategy

If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who have questioned the need for businesses to be online, we hope these uncertain times has made it clear to you. With the 21-day lockdown and government’s call for only essential business to be operational during this time, your customers will likely remain indoors for quite some time. Take this time and move what you can of your business online. Think about how you can do things different from your competitors.

With these tips, we urge you to remain positive because the covid-19 and lockdown regulations won’t be around forever. If you need help adapting your digital marketing strategy please contact us.

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