Fight back against covid-19 and go online

It’s official! We are now in the work-from-home, buy-from-home era. The covid-19 disaster crisis continues to develop rapidly. These are challenging times for small businesses. Customers are staying indoors, which means that your sales figures could be dropping faster than the virus is spreading.

Your customers might be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in your product or service. You may not be able to sell non-essential products to them, but embracing new sales channels and getting your business online can keep your customers engaged and captivated.

Maximise your online presence

The advantages of giving your business a boost online are varied, but there’s no denying that there has never been a more critical time than now to advertise online. What’s great about online advertising – besides being affordable – is that it gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience, while still targeting specific crowds.

It’s also instant, so you can reach your targeted group the moment you start your advertising campaign. Types of online advertising include sponsored social media content, targeted social media and video adverts, and Google Ads. Other forms of online marketing are email marketing and having a professional business website where your audience can find more info and purchase desired services.

Fight covid-19 by going online

With covid-19 cutting down on foot traffic to your business, ensuring your business has an online e-commerce shop has never been more important. You might not be able to sell products while the lockdown is in effect, but the coronavirus will undoubtedly cause a significant shift in the way people shop. Investing in an online e-commerce shop now will save you hours of frustration when it matters.

Besides, the many reasons why consumers prefer online shopping counts in your favour. People love being able to hop online whenever to browse and compare prices. Other reasons include better prices, saving time, convenience, greater variety, free shipping offers and a clear lack of crowded shops.

When it comes to online sales, some of the key benefits that an e-commerce website can offer your business includes:

  • Not being tied to an office – There are no geographical restrictions as with an office-based business, so you can basically work from anywhere. A laptop and a good internet connection are all it takes to manage your business from anywhere in the world.
  • No opening time restrictions – With online shopping, you are no longer limiting your customers to your 9-5 operating hours and they can view or buy from your shop anytime. This means that your business is maximising sales opportunities during these times and offering around-the-clock services.
  • Lower set-up and running costs – We know that you are a businessperson at heart and worrying about costs is what you do. But with e-commerce there’s no need to worry. Setup and running costs for an online shop are way lower than that of real life storefronts. Sales systems for your business are automated online, so you have an opportunity to save on staff, wages and other business costs during these times. While you are saving on operational costs, why not offer discounted deals to attract customers even more? During these times people are likely have a fear of missing out on good deals.

Even with the country in lockdown (or partial lockdown), people will still want to buy things. So, taking more services and products online might just help your business overcome and grow during these challenging economical times.

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