How to position your brand for a digital world during and after the pandemic

In the current economic climate, there’s no “business as usual”. The global marketplace has been turned on its head and many small and medium businesses are unsure whether they will survive the remainder of 2020.

Businesses that had started embracing digital tools to reach their customers might be feeling less disruption now. However, amid this global pandemic every business has been forced to do some very fundamental rethinking. We’ve all had to reconsider our methods, our business ethos and our brand identities during a time when customers are looking for ways to continue with their everyday lives without leaving their homes.

So, is survival the best your business can hope for? Or can you use this time to strengthen your online footprint, position your brand digitally and grow your business?

Where are my customers and how do I reach them?

We’ve all felt the advent of the internet changing the market. From websites, instant messaging and social media to streaming platforms and mobile apps, people are consuming information, brand content and advertising more than ever before.

During lockdown and the covid-19 pandemic, more people are staying at home and going online. Without these digital lifelines that allow people to communicate without meeting in person, the social impact of the lockdown would have been much more devastating. People would have been so much more cut off from the world around them.

It has also allowed businesses to reach their customers online and in some cases to offer them a customized service. Customers have now accepted the reality of a confined world, and businesses have seen that digital tools save time and money.

Rethink your digital footprint

This shift towards an online market has been coming for a while, but the initial lockdown was the push we all needed to embrace and accept this as the new reality. We’ve all discovered digital solutions for everyday needs. Many of these solutions are so convenient and saves so much time and money that we’re likely to keep using them even if our old ways of doing things become available again.

This fast-forwarding of digital adoption presents all businesses with the opportunity and challenge to change the way they approach doing business. This includes decisions on how they produce and how they sell.

It has become essential for owners to visualize their business in a different context. They will have to take this time to think out of the box and take a good look at their business model, brand identity and the needs of their customer base.

How to reposition your brand effectively

If you want to effectively reposition your brand, start by putting yourself in the shoes of your consumer. Consider how can you adapt your business processes to make life easier for them.

Start by reevaluating what is at the core of your brand. Why do you do what you do, how do you change your customers’ lives, and how do you contribute to a better community? In light of the pandemic and the global consumer mind shift towards community and sustainability, answering these questions can stop your business and brand from becoming out of touch:

  • What is the essence of my business?
  • How can I contribute more to my community or my customer?
  • How can I solve problems for communities or other businesses?
  • Is there something standing in the way of me reaching my market?
  • Are there digital tools that can help me do this?
  • Are there other businesses I could work with through these tough times?

Working, living and shopping from home are here to stay. The entire planet has seen that most businesses can work remotely, and most people can find entertainment, have professional meetings, and even go grocery shopping from home. Find ways for your business can cater to your audience from home. Doing things to show your customer that you are considering their comfort and experience will go a long way towards their perception of your brand.

Being adaptable is key to maintaining your brand’s identity. Public opinion changes often and the world of marketing is dynamic, so you need to stay light on your feet. Grab hold of opportunities that appear.

Marketing with creativity

Marketing is more than just trying to sell something. Contemporary marketing means building relationships with your customers, adapting your messaging to fit what your products mean to buyers at that point, and being of service.

So, where to start? Optimize your website, build your database, collaborate with other companies and always continue to create value. This will help you create an online community that your customers can care about.

Now is the time to be creative and discover new aspects of your business that can be meaningful for your audience. Thinking out of the box and finding creative solutions is what makes a good business great.

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