Invest in great video!

Video content is rich in messaging value potential and is easy for audiences to engage with. The algorithms of most social media platforms favour video content, because it captures the user’s attention for longer. Even short videos, with the right creative direction, can hold powerful emotional messaging possibilities.

Every business should have some video to drive viral brand messaging and reach new people. Videos generate more interactions on average and therefore circulate the online ecosystem for much longer, making the investment well worth the cost.

Sales don’t start and end with online purchases alone. According to a study by Google, about 50% of online users look for videos related to a product or service before ever taking the next step.

Why your brand needs video:

  • Educating your audience, using visual, text and auditory learning.
  • Retaining the attention of your social media audience
  • Inspiring your audience
  • Creating a personal relationship with your audience
  • Evoking an emotional response
  • Create content that can be repurposed across multiple platforms

Creating video with us promises a professional experience and effective, interesting content that meets your needs. Whether you need a fun, playful TikTok or a serious documentary, our award-winning video content team can meet your needs.

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• Animated GIFs
• Live Videos
• Branded Films
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